Shutters - Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails

Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails




Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails.

The system allows for the automatic management, without the need for operators, of guide groove creation and drilling in shutter rails.

The entire processing workflow is guided by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): the software enables the specification of the number and type of bars to be processed, setting on which bar to perform the round hole, determining the type of hole to be executed (embossed or plain hole), and deciding to perform the rectangular notch. An additional advantage offered by the software is the automatic calculation of the pitch.

Once the data is set, the system operates automatically, and the machine performs the specified processes on the shutter profile.

The PLC integrates a 4.0 software that allows real-time monitoring of production data and the machine’s processing status on a computer. Additionally, the machine optimizes waste: recoverable waste falls into a designated collector placed beside the machine, while non-recoverable waste goes into a separate collector.

The machine is designed to be interconnected with factory computer systems using the TCP-IP E communication protocol and the international standard for unique recognition, the IP address.

It is set up to be seamlessly integrated with the logistic system or the supply network and/or other machines in the production cycle. Through a LAN port conveniently located, the machine can be interconnected with other devices to exchange information.

The Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails comes complete with a 10-position bar carriage, bar handling system, bar advancement system, mobile work units for necessary operations on the shutter guides, mobile work units for operations on the guides, a labeler, a motorized discharge conveyor at the end of the job (does not scratch profiles during unloading) with a chute and product collection, a dual collector for recoverable and non-recoverable waste, a 15″ PLC console, intuitive with simple buttons, integrated with software to manage and optimize the workflow, and a sensor system to detect the machine’s operating status. Work units are changed manually depending on the guides intended for processing.

It complies with the latest safety, health, and occupational hygiene parameters. The Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails is manufactured by oPm S.r.l. in accordance with the conditions of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and subsequent amendments. The CE Marking, as required by Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, is affixed to the machine.

The machine provides tele-maintenance and/or remote diagnostics and/or remote control systems. Through the machine’s provided Ethernet cabling and an external connector, it is possible to connect it to computer network equipment and, therefore, to a PC.

The machine is designed for continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters using appropriate sensor sets and adaptability to process deviations. The machine is equipped with sensors that prevent/report anomalies or inform about the machine’s operating status. Furthermore, the sensors ensure operator safety, configured to prevent machine activation in case of tampering.


Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails

Automatic OPM System for Processing Shutter Guide Rails

Shutter Guide Rails motorized mat
The motorized mat at the end of work, does not scratch the profiles during the discharge phase. The machine is equipped with slide and collect product.



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