Business services

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OPM has decided to structure a service management consulting broad and flexible for small and medium enterprises.
OPM provides the CEO and the managers a range of services specifically aimed to providing a strategic and management consultancy useful to support the enterprise at different stages of its operations.
OPM Laboratory is specialized in providing management consulting to companies to seize the opportunities of the grant awards in the field of technological innovation.
gic support and management to support the company in the organization of management engineering and daily choices about innovation and development.

OPM Research Laboratory can:

  • Perform certification activities of qualified companies that have requested contributions from the funds applied research
  • Implement activities of research, in support of scientific and technological development of SMEs (Italian Research Program, NRP – PON – 488 Research).
    In order to follow the companies on most points, often completely different in nature, the laboratory not only has internal qualified skills, but has developed, at the same time, partnerships with top professionals and companies appropriately selected.

The mission is to meet the increasingly specific needs of SME, trying to ensure in all division and stages of a project, professionalism, timeliness, and above all reliability.