Over 25 years of history, always by your side.
A global partner for all production needs.

OPM STAMPI is an industry specialized in the production of special and customized punching machines both hydraulic and pneumatic, automatic and semi-automatic, for cutting, stamping, pressing, coining press, carve managed by PLC or CNC simple and self learning software.
With its worldwide experience, OPM STAMPI is a flagship and value partner in the design and development of complete lines of punching and special engineering systems for the processing of sheet metal and metal profiles of high quality in all major sectors and markets.

Customer’s logic of production is the heart of our business.

“The secret to satisfy all the needs of our customers?
Build exactly the machines they need”.

From the stage of research and design, we work shouder by shoulder with the client to design and concept a customized solution able to translate customers’ideas, expectations and needs in effective performances.

A laboratory for research and development of excellence, at your service.
The experience and growing success that the market recognizes us have allowed the company to invest in research, innovation and development.
OPM today is partner to Universities and is engaged in projects both of research and development of innovative systems.
Our research laboratory is recognized by the Government and is a landmark in the search for solutions, projects and innovative products for customers from all over the world.

oPm_the history
oPm_the history