Special projects and on-demand solutions

Imagine and design an object and engineering a solution to achieve it.

Thanks to the versatility of the structure, the solid experience of our team, and know-how acquired through the established network with universities, research centers and other organizations The OPM Laboratory is able to design – in partnership with client companies – special machines, not present on the market, realize the prototype and organize management for large-scale production.

OPM value is in identifying with the customer how to achieve the objectives, propose viable sustainable and competitive solutions at all stages of the project.

Competitiveness also means rapidity of response.

The customers’ need to minimize times has pushed us to create work methodologies structured and systematic, designed for the global market.

Thanks to the versatility of the organizational structure and to the experience of designers experienced in the application of integrated technical solutions in mechanics, electronics, information and pneumatics, the OPM Laboratory is able to develop prototypes to meet the expectations of those customers who must -for the effectiveness of their business– integrated “on demand” solutions and/or completely customized machines.
The OPM Laboratory is able to develop the project from feasibility study to the development of technical drawings and structural calculations, up to the physical realization of an industrial prototype, also managing the construction and testing.
We also study the various stages of processing of the product to develop its large-scale industrialization.