SUPPORT LINE - Automatic machine to produce stirrups and rods for gutters





The OPM SUPPORT LINE machine is designed to make supports and tie rods for gutters.

The material used can be galvanised, pre-painted, aluminium, and stainless steel. A productivity of about 5/6 pieces per minute is expected. The moulds for shaping are interchangeable so that multiple shapes can be produced, making the machine very versatile; the different types of holes are managed with the mould change and the units can be moved as required.

The CE-compliant machine consists of a hydraulic power unit, an electrical cabinet, an electronic feeder, a hydraulic unit for initial ribbing, a hydraulic unit for drilling, a hydraulic unit for cutting, a hydraulic unit for shaping, a hydraulic and pneumatic system, a motorised ejector, and a PLC with dedicated software for managing and optimising the production process.

The coil is loaded onto a motorised uncoiler, the strip then passes through the electronic feeder/rectifier which allows it to be processed with precision. The entire working process is controlled and managed by a PLC, which allows all machine operations to be controlled and to detect the operating status, and above all to start automated processing. Machining is done by means of units that allow for ribbing, cutting, shaping and finally drilling. Finally, the freshly made support/tie rod is transported via a handling system to the product collector.

The machine also has a specially designed electrical panel that allows all electrical peripherals to be centralised by concentrating the power and control units in one dedicated cabinet. This allows easy maintenance and immediate diagnostics in the event of a technical intervention.

The brain of the machine is the PLC, which takes care of managing and optimising production, interfacing and linking the various parts of the machine and moving parts, as well as managing the active safeties and detection sensors. In order to proceed with production, it is necessary to set the technical characteristics of the product to the PLC, i.e. establish the type of support, the quantity to be produced, and then, with optional software (Industry 4.0), monitor the production data and the machine’s status in real time on your computer. Once you have set the data to the PLC, by pressing the START button production starts and proceeds automatically from coil.

The decoiler that we offer as an option has a load capacity of 1 ton, is motorised and has the possibility of adjusting the operating speed by means of an inverter. It also has sensors for detecting the strip out of position to stop both the decoiler and the plant in the event of an abnormal situation occurring for some reason, protecting the entire plant from damage.

The system is also equipped with photocells that monitor the actual production of the reel/tipper.

The production data is stored in real time, so that if the strip runs out, the machine stops and communicates the emergency; when production is then resumed, it is reset from the last piece produced and the previously set production cycle is completed.

The system is equipped with an emergency button to stop the machine in the event of a fault that is not automatically detected. The active and passive safeties protect the operator during processing by certifying the machine CE, characterising the machine as safe in order to access the benefits of Italian and European law.


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