Profila Automatica - Roll Forming System for Structural Profiles




Roll Forming MAchine for Structural profiles and Industrial cable collectors


The Structural Profiles Roll Forming System in galvanized sheet metal consists of a motorized unwinder, an eccentric press, an electronic feeder, and a base on which the roller profiling line is housed. The roller profiling line is motorized and controlled by a PLC through encoders.

It has a productivity of approximately 25 m/min, ensuring a length accuracy of +/- 1 mm and a drilling pattern accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.

Structural Profiles

The entire work process is monitored and managed by a 15-inch touchscreen PLC, allowing control of all machine operations, automatic fault detection, and initiation of automated processing.

Roll Forming Machine for Structural profiles and Industrial cable collectors

The structural profiling system is versatile, with the eccentric press having a tonnage oversized compared to the drilling requirements, facilitating easy mold replacement for other operations. It allows changing only the roller set or both the rollers and the mold for producing different profiles in form and nature. Optionally, an interchangeable profiling system, known as a “cassette,” can be mounted later, allowing for quick profile changes without adjusting the entire system.

To initiate production, PLC settings for product technical specifications, such as profile length and quantity, are required. An optional Industry 4.0 software enables real-time monitoring of production data and machine status on a computer. Once the PLC is configured, pressing START initiates automatic production from the coil.

The machine is equipped with photocells to monitor actual profile production and active/passive safety systems to comply with safety regulations.

Real-time production data is stored, allowing the machine to stop and communicate emergencies if the coil runs out. When production resumes, it starts from the last completed profile, completing the preset production cycle.

An electronic feeder at the press exit advances the material while the mold is in non-contact with the sheet. Synchronization between the press and feeder is managed through sensors and encoders, ensuring timing and preventing anomalies.

At the feeder exit, the perforated but flat strip passes through a reader system between the press and profiler, adjusting the profiler speed to maintain constant synchronization with the press.

A safety device is present to halt the entire system in case the strip fails to exit the press, signaling anomalies through electronic and mechanical safety features.

The strip enters the profiler, which measures and profiles the material until reaching the operator-set dimension. After a 2-second pause for cutting, the profile moves to the unloader system.

Roll Forming MAchine for Structural profiles and Industrial cable collectors: cutting unit with no waste

During the cutting phase, only the profiler stops for about 2 seconds, while the press and unwinder continue, creating a loop between the press and the profiler, quickly recovered when the profiler restarts.

Finally, the ejected profile slides laterally from the overturner into a collector containing processed profiles cut to the desired size.

Roll Forming MAchine for Structural profiles and Industrial cable collectors: detail of product collector

Active and passive safety features protect the operator during processing, certifying CE compliance for legal benefits in Italy and Europe.


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