Platinum / Sole 24 Ore
Mechanical expertise and engineering genius.

Innovation, the key to success for competing in the global scenario.

Italia is full of small to medium sized enterprises admired by the global market for their high degree of technological expertise. Weare talking about enterprises of excellence, with the ability to successfully combine Italian manufacturing genius with the use of cutting edge technologies and Opm Stampi Srl, leader in producing punching machines, is one of them. Its leadership is linked with the entrepreneurial story of the founder, engineer Lorenzo Palmieri, a pragmatic, farsighted manager, who chose to lend the characteristics of a research laboratory to the business, earning it official recognition of both Ministry and Region.

The “Opm Stampi” trademark is now known throughout the world for innovation, quality and a vast range of solutions in producing special, technologically cutting edge machines supported by robots and stateof- the-art control systems. “This is why we continually seek innovative ideas, capable of simplifying and automating even the most complex operations in a production process”. State-of-the-art machines and systems were thus created, arousing great interest in Italia and the world’s markets.

“Specialization, research for specific, innovative solutions, production diversification – adds Palmieri – have always been the trump cards for treading the path towards growth”. The technical and design office is the real engine to drive the business, over the years devising extraordinary systems and innovative solutions, particularly for machining clamp accessories for the building industry, aluminium profiles, sheet metal accessories, flue accessories and burglar proof shutter systems. The Campania based company was amongst the leading players at Batimat 2015 in Paris, Stuttgart r+t and Made Milano, where it presented a preview of Cn Sprint, the latest punching machine to be born in Opm: a device, fruit of Italian genius and technique, patented in both Italia and Europe, radically changing the punching concept by combining the movement of the strip being fed for machining with punching into one single movement. “In this way – explains Clemente Palmieri, third generation in the business and inventor of Cn Sprint – we manage to speed up the work process and multiply performances, achieving a reduction in the time needed to feed the strip for punching to zero and a continuous work process”.

But –Lorenzo Palmieri declares – Opm Stampi is above all a futuristic enterprise: its potentialities, together with the ever increasing stresses proposed by the markets, are an exceptional challenge for the future. With one goal: create opportunities for the territory, be in line with innovation, forge value for the work produced.