CN-WALL - Automatic Machine to produce spacers





  • Hydraulic and automatic machine for the production of spacers.
  • The machine has a productivity of 34-35 pieces per minute.
  • You can have the machine with the motorized unwinder and to a boxing system replacement.
  • The machine can ‘produce spacers of various lengths (min 100mm max 2800mm) can be set by software.
  • Furthermore from software you can decide the number of spacers to be produced and the amount to be introduced in each box.
  • Possibility to produce turned spacers


The machine, named CN-WALL, controlled by a PLC, is completely automatic and has a maximum productivity of around 35/40 pcs/min, producing spacers from a minimum length of 100mm to a maximum desired length.

The machine compliant with CE regulations consists of a hydraulic unit, a hydraulic working machine, a mold, an electronic advance/straightener, a motorized ejector, an electrical panel, a sensor system for detecting the correct functioning of the machine, and a PLC with dedicated software to manage and optimize the work process.

From the feasibility study carried out, the work sequence is divided as follows:

The coil is loaded onto a motorized unwinder (optional), the tape then passes through the centering system and through the electronic feeder / straightener that allows the tape to be worked with precision. Subsequently, a molding cycle takes place, after which the motorized ejector expels the spacer just made, inserting it into the box specially positioned at the machine outlet.

The whole work process is controlled and managed by a PLC that allows you to control all the operations of the machine and to detect faults or malfunctions automatically and above all to start the automated processing.

The electronic feeder that we offer also incorporates rollers designed to straighten the tape in order to make the machine very compact. All the rollers are motorized and this allows a great precision and tape feed speed.

The specially created electrical panel allows you to centralize all electrical peripherals by concentrating the power and control units in a single dedicated cabinet. This allows easy maintenance and immediate diagnostics in case of technical intervention.

The brain of the machine is the PLC that deals with the management and optimization of production, interfacing and connecting the various parts of the machine and the moving parts, as well as managing the active safety devices and detection sensors. To proceed with the production it is necessary to set the technical characteristics of the product on the PLC,  that is to establish the length of the spacer, the quantity to be produced. Once the data has been set to the PLC, by pressing the START key the production starts and proceeds automatically starting from the coil.

The production data are stored in real time, so if the tape runs out, the machine stops and communicates the emergency, and when production is then resumed, it is restored from the last piece produced and thus completes the production cycle set previously.

It is possible to purchase as an option, the product collector that interfaces with the software, allowing you to program the number of boxes you want to produce and automatically once a box has been filled, the product collector advances the next box by placing it in the filling position. The motorized product collector can possibly be equipped with “cradles” for housing the spacers for packaging, in case you want to avoid using the boxes.

The machine is also equipped with photocells that check the actual production of the spacer.

The system is equipped with an emergency button to block the machine in the event of an anomaly not automatically detected.

The active and passive safety devices ensure that the operator is protected during processing by certifying the CE machine, characterizing the machine as safe to access the benefits of Italian and European law.



There is in addition a more ‘performance version called the CN-WALL-AP – high productivity machine

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